Johnny Reb

This knife was a commissioned piece which I'd tried to make as close to the one in the photo I was given as possible, and with apparent success - at least according to the guy who covered the bill.
It's a nice little D-guard; nice because it's only got 10 1/2" of blade and is far more manageable than the 14 - 16" limb-loppers.
These will be made to order so none of this was set in stone.
The guard is blackened steel. The handle wood is chinquapin. The blade is 5160 - leaf spring. That's all folks.
The beauty of the D-guard is simplicity; it's only got three pieces.
A D-guard around this size with similar bells and whistles:
$185 with sheath (The pictured example was ordered without).
Plus $10 shipping.
To order e-mail me.
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