"Shivs, shanks and pigstickers and things too fierce to mention"
Welcome to the new-and-improved, Blogger version of my old website, formerly found on .Mac.
If you've seen my work there then you should know what I'm about.
If I'm new to you, it's nice to make your acquaintence. What I make are high-quality, use able reproductions of historic fighting knives.
I started out making large Bowies from the period of "The War for Southern Independence" and since branched out into knives from the two world wars.
I avoid "Milspec" knives such as the M2 or M3 or either of the US, WW1 trench knives as I find them far less interesting than the stuff the boys made themselves or brought from home.
I don't make fakes. Each knife is dated. The year is stamped; ie "o9" on double-edged blades while those with a spine have the year filed into it in Roman numerals.
The ricasso of each is stamped with my mark, crossed monkey wrenches.
The way this is set up, you can either scroll down endlessly, covering all three periods consecutively.
Alternately, on the left is a list of everything in order.
Click on the image for the category or on the names of the individual knives listed beneath.
Good hunting and thanks for stopping by.
Dan Brock
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