"File Knives"

Being that this knife is the first in the list of "Custom Work", I'll line out my made-to-order protocol.
If we've never done business before, I ask for 50% up front. Otherwise, the total is paid on completion.
The 50% is refundable in case a decision is changed if it's a knife that will be saleable otherwise. Anything too oddball and that won't be the case.
You would be advised in advance if your request fits this category (they rarely do).
The money for custom work is similar to the prices posted for something comparable in size and/or complexity, plus 20% or so.
Ballpark: A big Bowie (14"+ blade) $175 to $200.
These two knives were commissioned by an old customer from my E-Bay days. He wrote that he had some of his Granddad's old files he wanted made into knives. He mailed me a Black Diamond, farrier's rasp and a beautiful 14" Kearney and Foot, coarse mill file that was 5/16" thick. Both files are visible in the background of the picture. The rasp became the spear-point at top along with the handle-with that bitchin' rectangular brass ferrule-from the other file. All it needed was a cross guard.
The K&F became the Lone Star, C-guard with the antler handle.
I'd like to add that I considered it quite a priveledge to work on these knives. I like the idea of things from the past being made into something meaningful.
That being said, If anyone were interested, I'd be happy to make a knife out of Grandpa's old hay rake tine, saw blade or one of the springs from his old Studebaker.
To order e-mail me.
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