Robbins Punch Dagger

This may count as one of Robbins of Dudley's more bizarre designs. In that it was extensively copied by other manufacturers during the Great War, it must have been a popular design as well. There even exist some homemade examples, cobbled together from scrap brass and at least one hollow cast iron one. Another non-Robbins knife has the knuckle bow cast in aluminum integrally with the handle.
The Robbins originals comprised a cast aluminum handle cast onto a steel knuckle bow and a double-edged 5' blade resulting in a weapon whose design makes it almost impossible to drop while being nearly idiot proof in action. And yes, you CAN stick it through a car door. See link below.
I've made this knife from aluminum with a blade of hand-forged file steel, hardened and tempered. The blade is blackened as is the steel knuckle bow. Includes a sewn cowhide sheath.
$140 plus $5 shipping.
To order e-mail me.
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