Robbins of Dudley Push Dagger

Here's a particularly wicked little piece of trench weaponry that English industry produced during the Great War. Robbins was a metalworking concern operating in Dudley, Worcestershire from the 1870's until the mid '20's. Fans of industrial history may be interested to know that Dudley was also the home of Peter Wright's forge, the maker of the first "built-up" forged anvils. Little is known about the company's wares other than that, except during the war, they didn't produce knives at all. At one point they were registered as "fender makers", the fireplace kind. When they did made knives they specialized to the extreme. They produced a line of knuckle knives, push daggers as well as more conventional blades all of which comprised an aluminum handle cast onto the blade.
Like the original Robbins knives, the aluminum handle is cast onto the blade, which in this case, is hand forged from file steel and blackened. Blade length is 3 5/8".
Includes a sewn leather sheath.
$95 plus $5 shipping.
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