North African "Bazaar Knife"

I offered this knife several years ago and no interest was shown - ever.
This disappointed me since I had thought at the time, and still do, that this is one of the very few, practical knuckle knives around.
The single finger-loop is smallish so it'd be tough with gloves on but the payoff is that the overall width, although a bit chubby, is still comfortable enough to hold - for pencil-sharpening, fish-cleaning... all the random things one does in a day that don't happen to be - knife-fighting.
Snyder's Treasures carries one now and then, and every time they say it's "rare" and over time the provenance stated has run from: "Who Knows?" to Rommel's DAK.
In any case; likely purchased in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt during the war and made by the famous and elusive: "Some Guy".
6 1/2" blade.
$150 plus $10 shipping in US
Rare or not, it's nice little knife. I love this thing.
To order e-mail me.
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