Fairbairn's Cobra

Back by popular demand.
After the development of the Shanghai Fighting Knife, the many variations on the F/S stiletto design came and went with little input - or interest from W. E. Fairbairn.
He went into a completely new direction in knife design. He came up with a smaller version of the Smatchet called the Fair Sword and this item.
During the 1950's, Fairbairn went to Cyprus to instruct the local constabulary in point-shooting and riot control.
At that time he designed what he considered his favorite knife. Based on several Middle Eastern and Asian, incurved blades, it was called the Cobra.
There's no telling how many were actually produced as there is only one photograph, a poor one at that, in existence.
11" high-carbon, hardened and tempered blade, sharp for the full length on the inside edge and for half of the back.
Overall length is 16" and includes the handle which in the case of the knife pictured, is purpleheart.
Comes with a hand stitched cowhide sheath.
$175 plus $10 shipping.
One vailable now with burl walnut scales.
E-mail for details.
To order e-mail me.
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