Middle East Commando Knife

These knives show other places as well but they're generally associated with the Middle East Commandos.
They were small, elite units raised locally and under the command of the British Army.
They formed up in mid'1940, then some months later, they were absorbed into a larger commando force, called Layforce" intended to help rein-in Rommel.
This knife, inexplicably named "The Fanny" has a blade of high-carbon tool steel, 6" long and sharpened along the curved edge.
Like the Clements, this knife has the blade mounted "up-side-down".
"Death's Head, knuckleduster grip of cast brass.
Blade length: 6"
Overall length; 11 1/2"
Includes the sheath pictured.
$165 plus $7.50 shipping.
To order e-mail me.

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