M1918, Mk-1

When they hear the words: "trench knife", this is likely the knife most folks think of. Although it's just one of many designs of knuckle knife from both world wars this one gets most of the media exposure - as carried by Lee Marvin's character in The Big Red One.
Other than the earlier, French version made by Au Lion in 1917, none of these knives were issued overseas during the Great War.
Having missed the action, they spent the twenties and thirties in storage.
And luckily so it would seem as the Army at least had something to issue to Airborne and Ranger units when WW2 (Great War - Chapter 2) rolled around.
Upon issue one of the first things done was to cut or break off the two "wings" of the guard which made it lay flatter in the sheath.
To this end, my version has no wings.
It's also inauthentic albeit more solid due to my limited production methods.
The solid-brass, knuckleduster handle is cast directly onto the tang and thus can never work loose.
The pommel spike is screwed into a hole drilled into the casting and epoxied in place.
Blade length: 6 1/2"
Overall length: 11"
Includes the sheath pictured.
$175 plus $7.50 shipping.
To order e-mail me.

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