French M1916 Trench Dagger

Like every other continental power in the First World War, France responded to the realities of trench warfare by developing a dagger. After the first few years of improvised, field-expedient blades the M1916 Trench Dagger was introduced.
The unpleasantness of 1870-1still graveled the French so this knife was known informally as "The Avenger or 1870".
Produced by several different French cutlery firms, it consisted of a 7" double-edged blade with a steel cross guard and a turned wood handle. This knife was popular both with French troops and the Americans. The blade shape, with its waisted ricasso was copied by the Americans for the McNary pattern M1918 Mark I trench knife.
The pictured example in handled with walnut but others are available.
$150 plus $7.50 shipping.
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