Belgian Trench Dagger

"Poor Little Belgium..."
In the first minutes of the war they were overrun by Kaiser Willie's legions but they put up a stiff fight nonetheless. Their efforts slowed the infallible Schlieffen Plan mostly by throwing a wrench into the works when the border fort of Liege proved a tough nut to crack and the Kaiser's boys had to send for the big guns.
When the inevitable capitulation occurred the Belgian government relocated to England.
They contracted with various Sheffield firms to produce their trench dagger and stayed in the fight.
It's an odd looking thing what with the dished, oval steel guard and that seemingly clunky handle.
But don't mess with Belgium even though their beer is like high-gravity pancake syrup.
Don't mistake neutrality for something it's not.
8" blade, 13" overall.
$200 shipped.
To order e-mail me.
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